What is ?

is an online programming contest to test your programming skill set! All you have to do is submit a solution for a problem with your favorite programming language. From there, your solution is judged for accuracy. Problems range from easy to difficult. Build up your skill set to solve all the problems and share with friends!

Path to Success

The best way to teach yourself to code is to practice. Like playing a musical instrument, you need to seek out challenges to grow as a computer programmer. Diligent, consistent practice will eventually make you fluent in computer programming. Programming is available to everyone and anyone. All it takes is some curiosity as to how a computer "thinks." Once you find that pattern in one area, it is easy enough to apply the same logic to another area.

Our Goal

We hope you enjoy the challenges presented to you! Learn from the mistakes you may make. Learn to solve problems in a better way logically. Try out new languages. Join up with friends to collaborate on potential solutions. Think about the very real possibilities programming can bring to the world.

How the Challenge Works

Check out the Quest section of the website. You will find a large set of coding problems, ranging from easy to hard. You will be able to filter each problem's status using the toggle menu, which defines the problem status as the following:

  • Not Started
  • Viewed - The problem was viewed, but a solution was not uploaded.
  • Working - A solution to the problem has been uploaded to be judged at least once.
  • Solved - Successfully solved the challenge. Earned problem points.

Quest Points

Point Ranking:

  • Practice: 5 points
  • Easy: 10 points
  • Medium: 20 points
  • Hard: 30 points

After you pass each of the three levels above, you will earn an achievement badge to document your success.


Language and IDE Support

Choose your favorite IDE or text editor to code solutions. Save each programming file to a folder on your computer. Afterwards, upload the source code file for your solution to the website. The solution will be judged and you will receive a notification displaying the results of the uploaded solution.

How to get started

Register your Account

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Search for Problems

Find a problem on the Quest page suited to your skill level.

Complete the Quest

Write a program to solve the problem, and upload it to test your answer.