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 Thank you for your interest, but registration for 2024 has closed. Please check back next year for additional opportunities! 

Lockheed Martin invites you to participate in Code Quest® Academy's Mentoring Program, which provides free computer coding and career advice to high school students. This unique program helps students of all skill levels grow their coding knowledge through interactive problems and inspires students to pursue technology careers through mentorship from real-life Lockheed Martin professionals.

We look forward to partnering with you to inspire and educate the next generation of technology talent!

Code Quest® Academy is part of Lockheed Martin's commitment to grow the next generation of programming talent and remove barriers that sit between students and the technical skills needed for success - especially for those students from underrepresented & underserved populations in technical fields. Learn more about our efforts at the Lockheed Martin website.

Code Quest Academy Overview
  • Virtual coding practice sessions with Lockheed Martin technology professionals: Lockheed Martin employee volunteers will host four to six, one-hour virtual engagements with your classroom to help students with coding problems using the Code Quest Academy online platform and provide career mentoring. All levels of experience are welcome! Sessions will take place from November 2023 through February 2024, with specific times scheduled between the mentor and the teacher.
  • Code Quest Competition on (To Be Announced): Students can put their skills to use during a fun programming competition. Students can compete in both novice and advanced categories. Teachers who participate in Code Quest Academy will have the opportunity for priority registration for Code Quest Competition.
  • Internships for students: Students who participate in the Code Quest Competition will have the opportunity to apply to potential internship and apprenticeship opportunities with Lockheed Martin. (Please note, however, that participation in the Mentoring Program alone does not qualify students to apply for these positions.)
Requirements for Code Quest Academy Participation

Sign up your classroom by submitting the form below; please complete the form once for each classroom. Selected classrooms will be notified via email by November 2023.

  • Students must be in high school (9th-12th grades).
  • Due to US and EU privacy laws, all students must be at least 13 years of age.
  • No specific technology required. Lockheed Martin mentors will provide all web-based tools needed for coding and can adapt to the school’s preferred communication platform (e.g. Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, etc.).
  • Participation in Code Quest Academy does not guarantee participation in Code Quest competitions, nor access to Code Quest internships and apprenticeships. These events/opportunities use a separate registration system and are subject to different limitations.
  • Registration for Code Quest Academy's Mentoring Program closed on September 28, 2023.
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If you teach multiple classes, please complete this form for EACH classroom you wish to have participate. This will help us ensure we have enough mentors to assist everyone!

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I acknowledge that registration for Code Quest Academy does not automatically register teams for participation in Code Quest competitive events. Any teams that wish to participate must be manually registered when the registration period opens, and are subject to capacity limitations.
If this class is selected for this Mentoring Program, I agree to commit to participating in 4-6 one-hour-long mentoring sessions with this classroom prior to the Code Quest competition.
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 Thank you for your interest, but registration for 2024 has closed. Please check back next year for additional opportunities! 

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