Correction - Quick Reading
November 21, 2022

Thanks to an email from a student, we've found an error in our problem "Quick Reading." Two of the test cases in the official output file were incorrect, giving the correctly-spelled word instead of the scrambled, unknown word. This has been corrected, and all solutions submitted against that problem will now be judged using the corrected files. If you have previously attempted to solve this problem and got a "wrong answer" response, please re-upload your solutions; they may be correct after all. If you'd previously recieved a "correct" response, we won't take credit from solving the problem away from you, but we do encourage you to update your solution and try again. We apologize for any confusion or frustration this error may have caused.

All of the problems presented on this website undergo a rigorous testing process before being used in Code Quest competitive events or posted directly to this website. It's likely that this error was noted previously, but an outdated version of the output file was uploaded accidentially. Even so, it is possible that errors like this exist; mistakes happen, and while rare, there are occasionally errors that we miss. If you are getting "wrong answer" responses and don't understand why, please feel free to email us for assistance at, including your solution code as an attachment in .txt format (occasionally .java, .py, .cpp, or .cs files, or .zip archives containing these types of files, will be blocked and removed from emails by Lockheed Martin's security systems). Our volunteers will be able to review your code and our judging system's output and provide hints and advice on how to improve your solution... or correct the errors in our own files.

Mentoring Program to Start in January
November 18, 2022

Registration for 2022-2023 mentoring sessions has closed; over 140 classrooms registered, and we're excited to work with them! We are still working on seeking out and training volunteers to run these mentoring sessions, and will be in touch with teachers by January to let them know if we were able to accept them into the program. Accepted classes should be able to expect to start mentoring sessions sometime in January or early February; your assigned Liaison will be able to coordinate the scheduling of these sessions with your mentor.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the mentoring program, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at If you missed out on this year's mentoring opportunities, you can also contact us to be added to our mailing list to be notified when we open registration for next year's program. Please note that due to the upcoming holidays in the United States, replies to emails may be occasionally delayed, but we will respond to all emails as quickly as possible.

Registration Extended!
October 31, 2022

The deadline to register for 2023 Code Quest Academy classroom mentoring has been extended to November 13, 2022! We still have spots available and want to ensure every class has a chance to participate. Students, this is an opportunity for you as well! While we can't accept registrations directly from students, talk to your teacher or club sponsor and ask them to register your class for this program. This program requires very little time commitment from teachers, and can be a valuable resource for students.

Please complete your registration today; the deadline will not be extended again. Teachers who have already registered for the program should be notified of their acceptance into the program by January 2023. For more information about the mentoring programs, please see our post below, the registration form at, or email us at We hope to hear from you soon!

Code Quest Academy Registration Now Open
October 4, 2022

Teachers and educators, it’s now time to register your classrooms for participation in our Code Quest Academy mentoring programs! This program will pair your classroom up with a volunteer Lockheed Martin employee who will meet virtually with your class several times over the course of the spring semester. During these sessions, your mentor will teach your class programming skills, provide advice for seeking a career in software engineering, and help your class develop strategies for participation in the annual Code Quest competition, to be held on April 22, 2023.

Upon acceptance into the program, you’ll first be assigned a liaison, who will coordinate the meetings between your class and your mentor to ensure that each of the mentoring sessions works well with your class’s schedule. Each of the mentoring sessions will be one hour in length, with at least four sessions occurring between January and mid-April 2023. Classes participating in Code Quest Academy mentoring will have access to priority registration for the Code Quest competition, however must still register individual teams for that event; acceptance into Code Quest Academy does not automatically grant access to the Code Quest competition.

For more information and to register your class, please visit our registration form at Availability is limited for this volunteer-based program, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible! Registration will close on Sunday, October 30. For any additional questions about our mentoring sessions or any other aspect about the Code Quest Academy program, please contact us at

Save The Date: 2023 Event Schedule
September 22, 2022
Code QuestCyberQuest

Attention students, coaches, and teachers! Mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and step up your training - our 2022-2023 event schedule is ready!

This year’s competitive events will return to being in-person at Lockheed Martin facilities! Planning is underway to ensure that all necessary precautions with regards to COVID-19 can be observed during this event; most particularly, this means that space will be limited at these on-site events, and registration waitlists may not be available. However, several virtual events will remain to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. Code Quest Academy mentoring sessions will remain virtual, and participation will also be subject to volunteer availability. Make sure that you don’t miss these events and opportunities to show off your technical skills:

  • October 3 - 30, 2022: Registration is open for 2023 Code Quest Academy classroom mentoring sessions
  • December 12, 2022 - February 3, 2023: Registration is open for the 2023 Cyber Quest competition
  • January 9, 2023: Earliest start time for Code Quest Academy classroom mentoring sessions
  • January 16, 2023: Priority registration opens for the 2023 Code Quest competition, for teachers with a class participating in Code Quest Academy mentoring
  • January 30 - March 24, 2023: General registration is open for the 2023 Code Quest competition
  • March 4, 2023: 2023 Cyber Quest competition
  • April 22, 2023: 2023 Code Quest competition

Please note that these are planned dates and may be subject to change. If you have questions about any of these events or other opportunities offered by these programs, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email addresses below:

  • Code Quest Academy mentoring sessions:
  • Code Quest competitive events and software internship opportunities:
  • Cyber Quest competitive events and cybersecurity internship opportunities:

Classes and Mentoring Now Available
September 2, 2022
Class is in session!

We're excited to announce the release of a major new feature to our website! The "My Classes" page allows you to join or create a class within our website, which allows you to compete against other users and receive constructive feedback from other users serving as mentors. We expect that this new feature will prove to be a valuable tool to teachers, other educators, and students alike.

Any user may create a class by clicking the "Create Class" button on the page linked above. By doing so, that user becomes a "mentor" and will receive a token which they can provide to other users. These users can enter the token into the "Join Class" form in order to enroll as students within the class. Enrolling as a student allows a user to rank their progress through the website against other students in the class, in terms of problems solved, problems attempted, and points earned. Additionally, the class's mentor gains the ability to download solutions submitted by students in the class, in order to be able to provide constructive feedback on how to improve those solutions and advice on improving students' programming skills.

As we mentioned in a previous announcement, this feature does require sharing certain information with other users, so that you can know which classes you're joining and which students are in your class. As a mentor, your full name will be visible to anyone attempting to enroll in your class, and anyone already enrolled in your class. You can control who is able to see your name by controlling who has access to your class's unique token. As a student, your full name will be visible to the mentors of any classes in which you enroll; additionally, these mentors will be able to download the source code of your most recently submitted solutions to each problem. You can control who has access to this information by selecting which classes you enroll in. You may revoke other's ability to view this information at any time by leaving a class (for students) or deleting a class (for mentors). For more details about what information we collect, share, and how you can control your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

Recovery From Technical Difficulties; Removal of Visual Basic Support
August 18, 2022

During the course of our ongoing improvements to our site, we attempted to upgrade the underlying software that is responsible for judging uploaded solutions. This upgrade did not initially succeed, and had the unfortunate side effect of damaging the judging system. This effectively prevented users from uploading solutions to problems for several days, and later prevented users from getting any results about their uploaded solutions. We regret that this occurred, and apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

Fortunately, we have now identified the issues that prevented the upgrade from working and have successfully upgraded and repaired the judging system. You should now be able to upload solutions and receive results once again. We had to restore our database from a backup, and so any solutions uploaded between August 6 and August 18 have been lost and will need to be re-uploaded. We will continue to monitor the site closely over the next several days to ensure that everything is once again working smoothly.

One last note: as part of this upgrade, support for Visual Basic .NET has been removed. This programming language was also removed from the Code Quest competition earlier this year; almost no teams competing in that event had made use of Visual Basic since it was added to the contest. A similar lack of interest was observed on this site, as less than two dozen solutions were written in that language out of the over 11,000 we have received since the website launched. For anyone who has worked primarily in Visual Basic, we recommend looking into C# (C-sharp); this uses the same .NET framework and includes many advanced features that make it a more versatile and useful language.

Updates to our Privacy Policy
August 12, 2022

As our team works to improve the features offered on this website, we have made some changes to our Privacy Policy which relate to the information we collect from you and how that information will be shared with others. Today's post aims to inform you of these changes before the features depending upon them go into effect.

One of our upcoming features will facilitate our in-classroom mentoring sessions by allowing you to join a "class" created by another user, who takes on the role of a mentor. A mentor will have the ability to view the progress that "students" in the class have made through the problems on this website, and will be able to download recent solutions submitted by those users. "Students" will be able to view rankings comparing their progress through the problems in relation to the other students in the class. This will greatly improve our volunteer mentor's ability to provide advice and feedback to their assigned classrooms once our mentoring sessions begin again for the 2023 school year. This also allows teachers the ability to use this site to monitor their student's progress, and even host practice contests of their own.

In order to make these changes a reality, we have updated our Privacy Policy to expand the information we collect about you, and to note that some of this information - most particularly, your name and your progress through our problems - can be shared with other users. This sharing will only be done with your consent (by joining or creating a class), and you will have the ability to revoke that consent at any time (by leaving or deleting a class). If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us using the links provided in ourPrivacy Policy. The privacy of your personal information is always one of our primary concerns, and we will never collect more information than is strictly necessary to provide you with the best experience on this website.

Pardon Our Dust...
July 28, 2022
Website Work Ahead

Welcome to Code Quest Academy! If you've visited our site before, you may have noticed that there have been a few changes recently, not least of which is this very page! We've hired a team of Code Quest competitors as interns, and they're hard at work making some improvements to our website aimed at helping you develop your programming skills and helping our mentors guide you through that process. New features will be made available on our site as they get completed, so keep checking back often for any new updates. Some new features you can expect to find include:

  • User Dashboard - A new landing page for after you've logged in, this page will show statistics about your progress through our set of problems.
  • Announcements Blog - You're looking at it! You can expect to find regular updates about changes to this site or upcoming Code Quest, Cyber Quest, and Code Quest Academy events.
  • Improved Problem Searching - Search for problems by title, subject, required skills, the year in which they were used in Code Quest contests, and more!
  • Downloadable I/O Files - You can now download a zip archive containing the sample input and output files for each problem, which you can use for testing your solution prior to uploading it here
  • Profile Management - We'll soon be adding new features allowing you to take greater control of your account on Code Quest Academy.
Naturally, changes like this don't take place without a few speed bumps along the way. While we will test our new features, a few bugs are likely to work their way through the cracks. If you discover any issues while using our site, please contact us at to let us know. We'd also love to hear any ideas for new features you'd like us to add!

Thanks to our team of Code Quest Interns - Evan, Nicole, Parker, and Serena - for making these changes a reality! Keep up the great work!